Trust funding for Brighton & Hove and Sussex

A list of trust funds that specifically fund community groups in Sussex.

This page contains a list of trust funds that the Resource Centre has identified as being particularly useful for community groups in Sussex. For tips to help you with applying to trust funds,have a look at our information page on Fundraising from Trusts.

The Raising Money section of this website includes information on other Favourite Funders for small local groups in Sussex, as well as tips and advice on applying for grants and organising fundraising events.

We try to keep our Favourite Funders information as up to date as possible. If you notice something is out of date or wrong, please let us know. If you have successfully applied for funding from an organisation that is not listed, and think it may be a useful funder for other Sussex groups, please let us know.

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  • Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: General, welfare – for charitable organisations that help to alleviate suffering of vulnerable people in society based in the south east of England.
    Size of grants given: £1000 – £25,000
    Next deadline: Trustees meet in June & October

  • Bassil Shippam and Alsford Trust

    Grants available for: to support charities active in the fields of care for young and older people, health, education and religion.
    Size of grants given: £100 to £1000s – average grant size around £1000.
    Next deadline: Trustees meet three times a year.

  • Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

    Grants available for:  registered charities. No set criteria.
    Size of grants given: No maximum. Almost all grants under £25,000, most grants under £5,000
    No deadlines.

  • Bothwell Charitable Trust

    Grants available for:  Registered charities working in fields of disability, health, older people, and conservation.
    Size of grants given: £1000 or £2,000
    Next deadline: Grants made in February/March each year

  • Brighton District Nursing Association Trust

    Grants available for: relief of sickness for persons in need in Brighton & Hove.
    Size of grants given: Total: £70,000, Grants awarded from £2,000 to £10,000.
    Next deadline: Once a year. Applications deadline by end of June.

  • Chalk Cliffs Trust

    Grants available for: Charities, action groups and benevolent organisations in East Sussex
    Size of grants given: Mostly £3,000 – £5,000
    Next deadline: no deadlines

  • Dorothy Hay-Bolton Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: Charities working with people who are deaf or blind, particularly children, young people and elderly people.
    Size of grants given: £250 – £3500
    Next deadline: No deadlines

  • Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: charities based in Sussex, operating in the fields of wildlife & conservation, disability, medical research or welfare of older or young people.
    Size of grants given: £1000-100,000
    No deadlines.

  • Friarsgate Trust

    Grants available for: Health & welfare of young and older people; local organisations based in Sussex, with preference for West Sussex and Chichester.
    Size of grants given: Between £500 and £2,000
    Next deadline: No deadlines

  • Gatwick Airport Community Trust

    Grants available for: to support community projects that protect and enhance the social and environmental well-being of the community, particularly those affected by operations at Gatwick Airport.
    Size of grants given: £250-£10,000. Most grants £500-£1000.
    Next deadline: Fund currently closed. Next chance to apply will be in January 2016.

  • Hart Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: small local groups/organisations which the trustees believe deserve a little extra support.
    Size of grants given: £100 – £750
    Next deadline: None stated.

  • Hilden Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: work relating to asylum seekers and refugees, homelessness, penal affairs, and community based initiatives benefiting disadvantaged 16-25 year olds.
    Size of grant available: Average grant size is around £5,000
    Applications accepted at any time, but they publish their meeting dates on their website.

  • Ian Askew Charitable Trust

    Grants available for:  charities, with a preference for Sussex
    Size of grants given: £200 – £2,500
    Next deadline: Decisions made every other month

  • JC Robinson No.3 Trust

    Grants available for:organisations that promote welfare of the elderly or disadvantaged and encourage the training and community spirit of young people.
    Size of grants given: £30 to £500
    Next deadline: No deadlines

  • Miss Pannett Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: Preference for groups in East Sussex
    Size of grants available: Small amounts
    Next deadline: No deadlines. Applications take 3 – 6 months.

  • Mrs A Lacy Tate Trust

    Grants available for: Charities is East Sussex, for general charitable purposes, including education for school children and relief of suffering of animals.
    Size of grant available: £100-£5000
    No deadlines

  • Pebble Trust

    Grants available for: Organisations in Brighton and Hove
    Size of grants given: Not advertised, but previous grants are £500-£10,000
    No deadlines

  • Raymond and Blanche Lawson trust

    Grants available for: local groups based in East Sussex or Kent
    Size of grants available: £500-£5000
    No deadlines

  • Simpson Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: Charities, with a preference for West Sussex, working with people with ill health, particularly those with arthritis or Parkinsons, and those who are blind, older or disabled.
    Size of grant available: £500-£1000
    No deadlines

  • The Homity Trust

    Grants available for: small groups in Brighton
    Size of grants given: small amounts, up to £5,000 awarded per quarter
    Next deadline: N/A – trustees meet quarterly

  • The Peter Stormonth Darling Charitable Trust

    Grants available for:Third sector organisation running projects relating to heritage, education, health care or sports facilities.
    Size of grants given:£1,000 – £10,000
    No deadlines

  • Fundraising from trusts

    Tips for raising money from trust funders

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