Resource Centre AGM 2016

Square white cake with 40 in large red lettering and a gold bow 8 people standing behind table. On the table is a squre white cake with 40 written on it, and a small rounds cake with candles. Person in centre is wearing gold chains around his neck. A group of ten people standing together facing the camera. In front of them is a table with a large square cake and a small round cake. The person in the centre is wearing gold chains. A man with gold chains is standing speaking into a microphone. A number of people are facing him with their backs to the camera A man holding a metal wand with a loop at one end. The loop is around a curved length of wire, attached to a stand. A woman is watching. two men on either side of a small table. There are glass bottles on the table. The men are laughing. two women smiling at one another Four people standing in a circle facing each other two women sitting behind a red table. They are facing the camera and smiling Three people sitting together behind a small red table. They are looking at the camera and smiling Approximately 20 people sitting on chairs around a room. In the foreground is a man standing and speaking into a microphone Two men standing facing one another, holding drinks

“You, the Resource Centre, are in my book the biggest unsung hero in our city… Without the printing services, the advice services, help with finding funding and the event equipment store, and all else you do, I truly believe we would not have the richness of community activity in the city we enjoy today.”

Mayor of Brighton & Hove Cllr Pete West

Thank you so much to everybody who came along to our 40th anniversary celebratory Annual General Meeting.

We were delighted to be joined by the Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Cllr. Pete West, who helped the celebrations along by cutting our anniversary cake for us.

The AGM was attended by our member groups, who help give the Resource Centre its unique grassroots focus and direction.

Nine representatives were elected to our management committee. A big thank you to them for volunteering to support the work of the Centre over the coming year.

Draft minutes from the AGM will be available here soon.