Resource Centre AGM 2021

Many thanks to everyone who came to our Annual General Meeting on 3rd November 2021. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to hold the AGM online for the second year in a row. We missed the buzz, the buffet and the socialising just as much this year! We had representatives from 16 different member groups joining us from their homes across the city, and it was great to connect with everyone.

We ran an online election and elected a new Management Committee:

  • Awel Harun Abdo, Oromo Community in Brighton & Hove
  • Ann Packham, Ingram Crescent Residents’ Association
  • Muriel Briault, North Portslade Residents’ Association
  • Robin Berry, Coldean Residents’ Association
  • Barry Hughes, Sylvan Hall Residents’ Association
  • Christine El-Shabba, Robert Lodge Residents’ Association
  • Jonathan White, On Your Way Job Club
  • Ahmad Yabroudi, Sussex Syrian Community Group
  • Aisha El-Turki, Alnoure Academy

A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the committee last year, and to those who will be with us this year.

The meeting approved our annual accounts, and heard some stories about the work the Centre and some of the groups we support have been doing over the last year. We’re so glad we’ve been able to continue providing useful resources throughout the pandemic to help local groups and their communities survive and stay well. Our members commented:


“Without the Resource Centre, there wouldn’t be a Hollingdean Residents’ Association. We would have folded a long time ago. We’d like to thank everyone at the RC, everyone behind the scenes, for everything you’ve done for us for the last few years”

Ian Beck, Hollingdean Residents’ Association


“The Resource Centre is vital and it’s important for all communities. I’m always getting help from them.”

Aisha El-Turki, Alnoure Academy



“Since 2007, the Resource Centre was always supporting our community, our people, without any hesitation. Especially during the pandemic, we had hardship in the community. The Resource Centre was still able to help us to carry on our activities, our commitment, our support.”

Elias Tuffa, Oromo Community in Brighton & Hove

“It’s a vital service. It’s beautifully delivered. The Resource Centre say they’re a useful place. I say they’re a vital place.”

Barry Hughes, Sylvan Hall Residents’ Association



If you would like a copy of any photograph of yourself from the selection on this page, please get in touch and we can print one for you. If you would like your photographs deleted, please let us know.