Bouncy castle

4.8m x 4.2m bouncy castle with sides. Mains powered, or can be powered with a generator of 3KVA or more, as long as the blower is the only thing running from the generator.

Please note that you will need at least two strong people to collect, set up, pack down and return the Bouncy Castle.  Resource Centre staff are not able to help with moving this equipment.

Bouncy castle with two sides and a back, and an inflatable 'step' at the entrance. A label on the bouncy castle reads Users: maximum height 1.5m, maximum number 8.We recommend that you do a risk assessment before using the Bouncy Castle. We have a sample here:

RC Sample risk assessment for Bouncy Castle (PDF)

RC Sample risk assessment for Bouncy Castle (Word)

None of our equipment is insured. You can get public liability insurance for your event for £16 upwards, from Their details are on our Insurance Suppliers page. If you already have insurance with another company, it is probably worth also contacting them. You will need the following information: The Bouncy Castle is 4.8m x 4.2m x 2.8m. It was purchased in January 2010 for £1740 and does have a ‘Pipa inspection certificate’.

£32 for up to 1 week
Dimensions for transport
Bouncer on trolley: W: 122cm, D: 33cm, H: 132cm Blower: W: 51cm, D: 36cm, H: 46cm Please note that both the bouncy castle and the blower are EXTREMELY heavy. You will need at least two people to collect the bouncy castle.
Dimensions in use
Inflated bouncer 4.8m x 4.2m x 2.8m
We supply
  • Inflatable bouncer (Wattage: 550W) packed into large bag
  • Trolley for transporting to & from vehicles
  • Mains powered blower
  • 30m extension reel and power breaker
  • Non-slip mats to use if floor is smooth
  • Bag with full instructions and accessories needed
  • Sheet with suggested rules and charges
You need
  • 13amp mains power supply or earthed generator of 3KVA or more.
  • Indoor or outdoor space, at least 20′ x 18′ – not on gravel, concrete or tarmac
  • Crash mats to put at the front of the bouncer, extending 4′ out
  • A large car or van with at least 2 strong people to transport it. Resource Centre staff are not able to help with moving this equipment from our store room to your vehicle.

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