Brighthelm Small Community Grant Scheme

Grants available for: Room hire and associated equipment hire for small community groups in Brighton and Hove, with turnover under £25,000 per year.
Size of grant available: Up to £500.
No deadlines

Who can apply?

Small community groups with little or no money. The scheme will prioritise supporting groups with a turnover of less than £10,000 a year, although groups with a turnover of less than £25,000 a year are welcome to apply. However the less turnover your group has, the more likely your application will be successful.

How much and what can you apply for?

£500 of “in kind” funding for room hire and equipment hire to help small groups get started or build capacity.  Rather than giving your group money, they will provide room hire and equipment hire at the Brighthelm Centre, worth the value of the grant.

How to apply

Fill in an application form, which is available on their website or from the reception at the Brighthelm Centre.

Deadlines for application

Apply at any time. Decisions are made quarterly. Contact them for the next meeting date.

Contact details

The Brighthelm Centre
North Road

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