Brighton District Nursing Association Trust

Grants available for: relief of sickness for persons in need in Brighton & Hove.
Size of grants given: £1,000 to £10,000.
Next deadline: June 2018

Aims of Fund

The relief of sickness for persons in need in Brighton and Hove, or projects designed to support this aim, including innovative new approaches.

Who can apply

Organisations that benefit people in Brighton and Hove.

How much and what can you apply for

Beneficiaries 2015/16 included:

  • Martlets Hospice at Home  –  £6,000
  • MacMillan Cancer Support – £6,000
  • Pathways to Health – £2,500
  • Happy Days – £2,500
  • As You Are – £2,450
  • Lunch Positive – £2,500
  • Synergy Creative Community – £2,500
  • Leo House Children’s Hospice – £4,300
  • HISC – £3,000

How to apply

Apply by email or in writing to the address below.

Deadlines for application

Trustees meet once a year in June/July to consider applications. Groups should get in touch before then to check exact date of their meeting.

Contact details

148 Balfour Road

Date & initials

8/8/17 RR


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