Comic Relief Community Fund (England): Capacity Building Grants

Grants available for: community-led not for profit organisations in England
Size of grants given: £500
Deadlines: No deadlines

Aims of Fund

To support small community groups to build their capacity so that they can deliver more effective projects in the future.

Who can apply

Grassroots, community-led not-for-profit organisations in England. Must have an annual income of £250,000 or below. Will accept applications from:

  • Constituted voluntary and community groups (unincorporated associations)
  • Charities
  • Social enterprises
  • Community Interest Companies

How much and what can you apply for

Grants of up to £500 to support your group to become more robust and work better as a group. For example, grants might be given to: improve volunteering; recruit and train trustees; develop a website or social media; engage with beneficiaries or the community.

You will need to provide evidence that the capacity building will help your group to deliver more effective projects that fit into one of Comic Relief’s four strategic themes:

  • Children Survive and Thrive
  • Fighting for Gender Justice
  • A Safe Place to Be
  • Mental Health Matters

How to apply

Apply online, starting with taking a quiz to check your group is eligible to apply.
You can find an example application form and guidance notes on the fund’s website.

Deadlines for application

This is a rolling programme and applications will be accepted at any time. Decisions will be made within 6 weeks of the application.

Contact details
0121 237 5800


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