Comic Relief Community Fund: Project delivery grants

Grants available for: community-led not for profit organisations in England
Size of grants given: up to £4,000
Deadlines: no deadlines

Aims of Fund

To support community led organisations to deliver change by drawing on the ‘lived experiences’ of people who have experienced the issues being tackled.

Who can apply

Grassroots, community-led not-for-profit organisations in England. Must have an annual income of £250,000 or below. Will accept applications from:

  • Constituted voluntary and community groups (unincorporated associations)
  • Charities
  • Social enterprises
  • Community Interest Companies

How much and what can you apply for

Grants of up to £4,000 to deliver projects that address one of Comic Relief’s strategic themes:

  • Children Survive and Thrive: projects that support children under the age of 11 to reach their potential and have the best start in life. 
  • Fighting for Gender Justice: projects that improve equality for women, girls and initiatives that help people affected by domestic violence, abuse or exploitation due to their gender.
  • A Safe Place to Be: projects that support people who are rebuilding their lives because of homelessness or forced migration.

Projects must work directly with beneficiaries, and the organisation must draw on the ‘lived experiences’ of people experiencing the issues being tackled.

Examples of the type of projects they will fund include:

  • Training for parents and carers to help support their children’s development before starting school
  • Activities for girls or women to help them make healthier life choices
  • Setting up a peer support network for people experiencing homelessness

Projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving a grant.

How to apply

Fill in the Eligibility Checker, which will allow you to access the online application form. There is a sample form  and full guidance on their website.

Deadlines for application

No deadlines

Contact details
0121 237 5800


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