Newsletter checklist

A sample checklist you can use to plan the production of your group’s community newsletter.

This should help you think through all the things that need to be done in order to get your newsletter out. To use this as it is, print off the PDF by clicking on the icon at the top right of this page. Otherwise, use it to give you ideas for your own checklist.

Task Date/deadline Done
1. Ask people for articles and collect information for the newsletter.
2. Agree a date by which all articles and information for the newsletter has to be with the newsletter group.
3. Hold a meeting to discuss the articles, agree what you want to include, etc.
4. Meet with the designer to discuss content.
5. Receive draft copy from the designer
6. Give draft copies of the newsletter to group members to proof-read copy and look at the design to check it is what they want. Set a date for when this will be done by.
7. Return the draft to the designer and go through any amendments and changes you want.
8. Give your finished design (‘artwork’) to your printer.
9. Collect newsletters from printer.
10. Set date by which you expect newsletters to be distributed.
11. Distribute newsletters to people doing local deliveries. Send out copies to other people.
12.Committee meeting at which you’ll discuss how it went and start thinking about the next issue.
If you are a Brighton and Hove Tenant Association or a Resource Centre member group, then the Resource Centre can do the design work and the printing of the newsletter for you. We also offer training to teach people in these groups how to do it themselves. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Updated July 2012

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