Stuart Read Legacy Arts Grants

Grants available for: projects that promote the Arts amongst young people.

Size of grants given: up to £1000. 

Next deadline: 25th March 2016

Aims of Fund

Stuart Read was a past President of the Rotary Breakfast Club who left a legacy to benefit young people. It is administered by the Rotary Breakfast Club.

The fund is to support young people involved in the Arts – drama, music, painting, sculpture, dance and much more. It is for projects or equipment benefiting young people under 17 years of age and young peoples’ community and voluntary groups from within the Brighton & Hove City area.

Who can apply

Community and Voluntary Groups or leaders whose primary focus is young people,  or from a young person who has a great idea for a club or organisation they belong to.

How much and what can you apply for

Up to £1000 for projects promoting the arts amongst young people. If you are applying for part-funding of a project you must show how you are going to fund the rest of the project.

How to apply

Fill in the application form available on the Rotary Breakfast Club website

Deadlines for application

25th March 2016

Contact details

The Stuart Read Legacy, 93, Queen Victoria Avenue, Hove, BN3 6XB

Date & initials

KP 19/2/16

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