The Southern Co-operative: Love your neighbourhood fund

Grants available for: Charitable or not-for-profit groups who benefit local communities
Size of grants given: Up to £500
Next deadline: No deadlines

Aims of Fund

To benefit local communities.

Who can apply

Charitable or not-for-profit groups. More details about eligibility are available in their Application Guidelines.

How much and what can you apply for

Up to £500 e.g. to help projects get started or to purchase equipment

Grants are made to projects that fit under four broad themes:

Greener Neighbourhoods

  • Helping people to live more sustainably and support, for example, recycling, saving energy, reducing waste, water conservation etc
  • Supporting the creation and/or maintenance of Green spaces. For example,
    • Community gardens
    • Regenerating urban areas
    • Wildlife conservation
    • Wildlife education
    • Encouraging increased engagement with nature

Healthier Neighbourhoods

  • Encouraging engagement in sports and physical activities
  • Improving peoples’ diets and encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Education around food provenance

Safer Neighbourhoods

  • Addressing the root causes of anti-social behaviour
  • Supporting people through alcohol (and substance?) mis-use
  • Educating young people about underage drinking
  • Promoting neighbourhood safety initiatives, such as:
    • High Vis jackets for school children
    • Road safety education

More Inclusive Neighbourhoods

  • Supporting people to become more engaged with their local community, improving outcomes for them and promoting greater social integration. Examples of groups are those linked to:
    • Disability
    • Special Educational Needs
    • Young People who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)
    • The elderly
    • Mental Health
    • Homelessness

How to apply

Use the application forms on the Southern Coop page of Neighbourly. There is a different form for each theme so make sure you are filling in the right one before you start:

Deadlines for application


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