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Pencil and Paws provide the following services for non-profit organisations
- web hosting and web design
- graphic design for print and web
- illustration
- copy writing / editing
Pricing is negotiable. They say "We are aiming our services at small community groups, campaign groups, small NGOs etc so we ask that people should not be put off by a price if it seems too much - we're happy to talk about how to make something work"
Basic price guides are:
- Full multi-page website (including design, illustrations, copy writing and setting up hosting): starting from £250
- Basic website (design, but no content): starting from £100
- Flyer/poster (design and illustration): £75
- Logo (illustration): £50
- Web content (writing): £20 per 1,000 words
- Editing (writing): £10 per 1,000 words