Can you help the Resource Centre by writing to your local councillors?

Brighton & Hove Council will be setting its budget for 2017-18 soon. They are considering making a big cut to the pot of money that the Resource Centre is funded from (the Third Sector Investment Programme). The Council’s funding is central to keeping the Centre going. Any cut would make things extremely difficult.

We want to continue to support community in groups in Brighton & Hove, but we need council funding to do so. Together with our partners, we have written a joint letter to the leader of the Council, explaining why we think reducing this funding is a mistake.

Even the council’s budget papers say reduced funding ‘may result in less “active citizenship” in neighbourhoods and communities’. Community groups help people to be active and healthy, and to connect with others. If support for these activities is reduced, it could end up costing the council and the health service more in the long run.

If you agree with us, it would be a great help if you could let your local councillors know that you think the Resource Centre should continue to be funded.

We have postcards in the Centre which you can fill in and send. Or you can enter your postcode on the Write To Them website to send an email to all your councillors.