Free community organising training

How do we make change for good through collective action?

Organised by Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust

Three interactive one-day courses teaching skills that will help you with your campaigning, activism, or simply at work or in your neighbourhood. The training gives you a framework to use and practical tools to try, and is great for housing groups, co-ops, community organisations of all shapes and sizes and interested individuals.

These three courses are designed to be attended together for maximum learning and benefit, but courses can be attended individually.

To book email [email protected] or call 07854 274750.
For more details visit

1. Listening Skills for Community Organising, Wednesday 29 January, 10am-5.30pm
2. Building Power Through Community Organising, Saturday 8 Feb, 10am-5pm
3. Action for Change Through Community Organising, Wednesday 18 March, 10am-5.30pm