Free Safe Network courses

The Safe Network courses that Safety Net will be offering during March and April are FREE to any CVS Groups in East Sussex.

Safety Net will be delivering:

  • Safer Recruitment Training 14/03
  • Online Safety Training 14/03
  • Safeguarding for Trustees Training 03/04

Full details of each course can be found below and online here: you can also book online too or by calling 01273 420973.

Our Decision (Safer Recruitment) training on Friday 14th March 2014

Location: Brighthelm Church and Community Centre

Aim of course: To support VCS organisations with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application process and effective decision-making related to the level of supervision and DBS checking required for different roles.


  • To raise awareness of the cultural change needed within the VCS following the launch of the DBS
  • To discuss the implications of this change for risk management
  • To work through case examples on supervision and consider the implications for your organisation and the wider sector
  • To explore the DBS application process and common errors
  • To identify resources and support to help your organisation meet this challenge
  • To identify next steps for your organisation
Online Safety training on Friday 14th March 2014

Location: Brighthelm Church and Community Centre

Aim of course: To increase organisational awareness of e-safety and access to resources


  • To identify the trends in use of online technologies by children and young people
  • To explore the impact of technology on the lives of children and young people
  • To provide strategies to support e-safety work within organisations
  • To understand the implications of e-safety for adults
  • To encourage self-review of e-safety and develop further professional development
  • To explore resources and further support for organisations
Safeguarding for Trustees training on Thursday 3rd April 2014.

Location: Safety Net please use the following link to watch a video on how to find our offices :

Aim of this course: To enable trustees of registered charities and directors of unincorporated groups, mutuals and cooperatives to understand their safeguarding responsibilities towards children and young people


By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the safeguarding issues that could emerge in their organisation;
  • Describe key principles and best practice in terms of their responsibilities to safeguard children and young people involved with their organisation;
  • Understand the impact of individuals values on safeguarding within the organisation;
  • Identify resources to help them and their staff/volunteers to safeguard children and young people;
  • Identify next steps for themselves and their organisation in terms of meeting their safeguarding responsibilities.