Community Works Mentoring Programme

Community Works Mentoring programme matches people who work or volunteer in leadership positions for voluntary and community organisations in Brighton, Hove, Adur or Worthing with experienced, volunteer mentors who provide one-to-one support over a set period of time.

After a matching event which sees the pairing up of mentees and mentors who have complimentary interests, you will be expected to meet around once a month for up to nine months.

What is mentoring?

A mentor will help a mentee to understand their work and personal aspirations and challenges. They’ll create a climate of openness and trust, supporting mentees to grow and develop as leaders, and in turn building the capacity of their organisations.

I’m interested in being a mentee

Mentees are people in leadership positions in voluntary or community organisations, regardless of whether your role title reflects this. Throughout the programme, you will be appropriately challenged by a mentor in order to help you problem solve, overcome barriers, and to develop your own inner mentor. Since we launched the Mentoring Programme, over 105 charity workers, volunteers and trustees have benefited from being a mentee. Find out more.

I’m interested in being a mentor

Mentors are people who want to give something back to their local area, are keen to support the development of others in the charity sector, and who would benefit personally from sharing their experience. We’ll match you with someone who works or volunteers in a voluntary and community organisation and who will benefit from your skills and experience. You’ll support them to successfully solve challenges and develop their capacity as leaders in the sector. Find out more.

How to apply / Deadlines

This year, the application process takes place via SurveyMonkey.

Please submit your application for being a mentor by 5 April, or for being a mentee by 26 April.

The application forms can be found by following the links above.

Telephone: 01273 234023