Funding for mid-life mental health projects

Deadline: 4 September 2015.

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Why Mid-Life Mental Health?

Mental health underpins health and wellbeing and impacts everyone. For many people mid-life, from the late 20s to early 50s, can be a time of increased challenges, responsibilities and pressures, in their working lives, family lives and relationships.

The Bupa UK Foundation is looking to fund projects that aim to support and improve people’s mental health at this critical life-stage.

What kind of projects is the Bupa UK Foundation looking to fund?

The Bupa UK Foundation welcomes expressions of interest from practical projects or initiatives which will have a direct impact on people’s health and well-being, fall clearly into theme of mid-life mental health, and focus one of the following priority areas:

  • Prevention – equipping people with the skills they need to monitor, maintain and improve their own mental health.
  • Early intervention – enabling people to access effective support directly and as soon as they become aware of their needs.
  • Integration – addressing the link between physical and mental health.

It is expected that projects receiving funding are likely to be delivered within 12 to 18 months.

How many grants will be available and at what level of funding?

The Bupa UK Foundation expects to make around 20 grants split across the following levels:

. Larger grants – over £50,000. For projects that have a broad reach and the potential to deliver a sustained impact.

. Medium grants – up to £50,000. For distinct one-off projects, which might include pilots of new models of care or initiatives designed to benefit clearly defined groups.

. Small grants – up to £10,000. For smaller projects delivered at local level to directly benefit a specific group.