Funding for multi-faith projects

The government has put money into a fund for small, local, multi-faith projects. Grants will normally be for £2,000, but in a few cases they may give a grant of £5,000.

The fund is called the Together in Service Fund and the scheme is being run by Faith Action.

In order to be eligible for funding, you need to:

  • Be an organisation with a constitution or set of rules
  • Join the Together in Service Fellowship
  • Be running a project which contributes to the overall Together in Service objectives. Provide examples of events planned or delivered
  • Involve faith-based groups/people in your project, with preference for multi-faith projects.
  • Engage people from more than one faith community in your project. For example, Buddhists and Muslims, or Jews and Hindus.
  • Provide match-funding equivalent to the grant amount requested.
  • Write an end of project report, providing  evidence of value for money, best practice and social impact. Provide photos and case studies for publicity purposes.

Grants are not available for the following:

  • Core costs.
  • Christian groups seeking funding for franchise projects. Funding is available for these projects via the Cinnamon Network.

Projects must be completed, including all end-of-project reporting, by the end of March 2015.

You can apply for funding at There are two remaining deadlines: 25th August 2014 and 1st December 2014.