Introduction to Campaigning workshop: 3rd June

Date: Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Time: 9.45am – 4.00pm
Venue: Community Base, Queens Road, Brighton

This workshop is geared towards beginner campaigners.  It provides the opportunity to find out how to develop a campaign strategy and identify the key skills needed to run an effective campaign. They are suitable for those interested in influencing the policy decisions that affect their community or the people their organisation supports.

Participants will already be involved at a basic level of campaigning or are just about to get started – whether you are challenging local authority social care changes or protesting against a local incinerator – if you want practical information about the next steps, then our campaign workshop is for you.

Speakers: Harmit Kambo, Learning & Development Manager, SMK; Councillor Bill Randall, Brighton & Hove Green Party; Bibi van der Zee, Freelance Journalist (regular contributor to the Guardian, Ecologist and New Statesman) and author of the Protestor’s Handbook.


Run in partnership between Community Works and the Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK); a national charity set up to develop and support the next generation of campaigners – people who tackle injustices and develop sustainable and solutions for social change.


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