Resource Centre business plan

We’ve published our business plan for 2017-20.

Having celebrated our 40th year as an organisation last year, we are continuing to focus on what we do best – providing practical, relevant support to small community groups in Brighton & Hove. Our business plan describes how we plan to build on our achievements and adapt to changing circumstances, without losing track of the key ideas which underpin our work:

  • Small groups are the vital glue that holds communities together. These groups have particular needs and the Centre is a specialist in meeting these needs.
  • While we specialise in supporting small groups, the help we are able to offer our user groups is broad. Our services work together to support different aspects of a group’s work, and develop alongside groups as they change. We know that a major aspect of our success comes from the fact that our different services strengthen each other.
  • The support we provide is above all practical: it is designed to give groups the tools they can use to overcome barriers to their activity.
  • Groups value our consistency and stability. Any changes in how we support groups will be minor and gradual. We know we are already extremely successful at what we do, and don’t plan any major changes in our work.