New HOPE group offering sessions on awareness of domestic violence & abuse among women in BME communities

HOPE is the new BME Women organisation providing BME Engagement in relation to Domestic Violence/Abuse across Sussex. HOPE will be launching it’s first Drop-in service on Monday 20th July from 12-2pm at the BMECP Centre, 10a Fleet Street, BN1 4ZE.

They are a multi-lingual group of Black and Minority Ethnic women trained to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse among women in BME communities across Sussex. They also offer facilitated sessions to community groups.

HOPE stands for:

Help, Open, Protect & Empower BME Women and Girls

  • Help raise awareness and educate BME women/girls.
  • Open to promoting joint approaches to the issues of violence against women and girls and help in the formulation of interagency responses to the various forms of abuse and violence.
  • Protect BME women and girls who are victims/survivors of violence against women and girls by providing help, advice, support and information on national and local available services with the aim of breaking the barriers which result in BME women being excluded.
  • Empower BME women and girls who have been affected by violence and abuse by providing capacity building, training and development which will enable them to become more than just survivors.

For more information please contact the BME Engagement Project Coordinator by email, [email protected] or call 07494330011 (mobile) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.