DIY printing is currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we can do your printing for you to collect from our doorstep for no extra charge. Just contact us to arrange.

Copyprinters can be used to make flyerspostersnewsletterszinesdocuments for meetings, or anything that doesn’t need to be in full colour and is up to A3 size. We have lots of different colours of paper and card available that you can print on.

You can send your document directly to the machines from one of our computers. You can also copy from paper originals.

The machines can print text and pictures, double and single sided. They are excellent for printing line drawings and clip art. However, they use wet ink, so if your artwork is very dark or has lots of photographs on,  you may prefer the quality of our laser copier, which uses dry toner. If you do want to print photographs on a copyprinter, let us know and we can recommend the best one for your work (one prints darker than the other).


Copyprinters are the cheapest machines to use to produce longer runs of black and white or spot colour printing at the Resource Centre. They are the cheapest option if you are doing more than 100 copies of the same thing, and work out very cheap for substantially longer runs. For example, 2000 single sided black and white A4 copies on 80g paper costs £43.08 – around 2p per copy.

Use our online print quote calculator to find out how much your job will cost.

If you are doing fewer than 100 copies, it is better to use the laser copier. If you are doing more than 100 copies or so, the copyprinters will be cheaper. You can work out the price for your job on  a copyprinter using our  online print quote calculator, or do a quick check using our price comparison tables.  If you’re not sure which machine will be best for you, just ask us.

Spot colour

Ink for the copyprinter is available in several colours (black, red or green), and allows you to print two colours at a time (e.g. black and red, or green and red).

More information on preparing your artwork, including examples of artwork designed for spot colour printing, is available here.


You can come in and print on these machines yourself. We always have staff available on the front desk to show you how everything works. Our Beginners’ Guide to Printing will tell you more about what to expect when you come to do your printing. It is advisable to contact us to book a machine in advance, as they are heavily used. We also do not have huge stocks of paper, so let us know beforehand if you are planning to print thousands of copies of something, so that we can order the paper for you. To find out how much your printing will cost, ask us for a quote or use our print quote calculator.

Print service

We can also do printing for you, but we charge extra for this unless you are one of our priority groups. We always need at least a week’s notice to do printing for groups, and for large jobs you need to get in touch well in advance to book them in. If you need something done quickly, it is always quicker to come in and do it yourself.