Online Print Calculator

Use the form below to get a quote for printing at the Resource Centre.

This calculator lets you work out the cost of printing on our copyprinter. For full colour printing and photocopying prices, see our Printing Prices page. During the current pandemic DIY printing is suspended. We will do your printing for you at the DIY price – please make sure you choose the DIY printing option at the bottom for the correct price. If you have any difficulty using this form, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Paper types at the Resource Centre

See our paper and card page for details of the range of paper we normally keep in stock.  

We can’t print on glossy paper using the digital copyprinters, but we do have silk finish paper in stock for the laser copier.  If you want your document printed on a special colour or weight of paper that is not listed here, we may be able to order it in specially for your job.  Contact us to discuss what you need and get a quote.

80g means the same thickness as normal photocopier paper.  All our paper is 80g unless another figure is given.  The higher the weight (100g, etc) the thicker the paper is.  160g paper is thin card.  

Printing with coloured ink at the Resource Centre

Our copyprinters can print in black, red, green or maroon ink.  We have samples of each colour as it looks when printed out – just pop in to the Centre if you want to see them.

Where the quote calculator asks for the number of colours in your document, black is included as a colour.  So you need to fill in 1 if you are printing in black only, 2 if you want black and red, and so on. 

If you are using red or green, there’s no need to supply separated artwork. For other colours, you need to supply colour-separated artwork. See our artwork page for more information about how to prepare your artwork for best results on our machines.  

Using the Resource Centre’s finishing equipment

Our automatic booklet maker means you can quickly and easily collate, fold and staple your printed newsletters, zines, or other booklets.

We also have an electric guillotine and a separate folding machine, for folding single sheets.  Use of these machines is free of charge.

If we are doing your printing for you, the cost of any finishing needed will be included in the price we quote.

Using the Resource Centre’s print room

Our DIY printing option is currently suspended. If you need printing done, just send us the artwork and we will print it for you and let you know when it’s ready to collect from the doorstep. We are not charging for our labour to do this, so choose the DIY printing option on the calculator to get the correct price.

You can use the print room at the Resource Centre in two different ways:

  • DIY printing:

    There is always someone on the front desk who can show you how to use the print and finishing machines yourself.  This is the cheapest way to get your work printed.  It’s best to book time on a machine in advance.

  • Print service:

    For an additional charge, we can print your work for you.  Phone in advance to book your job in and fix a date to drop off your artwork.  

    We can usually return your printing to you a few days after you bring in the artwork, but we do need to plan in time on the machines and order paper, so please contact us to discuss your needs.  

    If your job is small and there is no folding, collating or stapling needed, we can usually print it within a day – no need to phone in advance, just bring in your artwork and talk to our front desk worker.