Information on running childrens groups

Other people who can help with Information on running childrens groups

Offer policy and practice advice to anyone running childcare. Membership costs £32 per year for groups with income under £25,000, £48 for groups with income over £25,000. Members have access to free publications and helpline.

Regulates adventure activities through licensing. Provides information on the circumstances in which a licence is required to run adventure activities.

Very comprehensive website with information how to set up a charity, legal guidance, and a database of all registered charities. Also has specialist guidance section specifically aimed at small groups wanting to become charities.
The Charity Commission is now part of the site, which can make it difficult to search for the information you need. They advise you to:

  • always include 'charity commission' in your search terms, eg 'report serious incident charity commission'

  • enter your search term, then select 'Charity Commission' from the drop down list of 'Organisations' on the search results page

Some specific guidance you may find useful:

Most organisations providing childcare for children under 8 years old need to be registered with Ofsted. Ofsted are also an umbrella body providing Disclosure and Barring Service checks.