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Other people who can help with Information on running a group

0845 300 6200 / 0161 300 6200 / 01273710659 (textphone)

Information about arts council funding, lottery funding and lots of useful links to other art related things.
Plus useful information sheets on aspects of running an arts organisation, such as insurance, organising an event, setting up a business and working with communities.

They don't publish an email address. You have to complete the

Provide a range of guides on quality assurance, monitoriing and evaluation, including PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations). Some resources are free to download from their website.

Very comprehensive website with information how to set up a charity, legal guidance, and a database of all registered charities. Also has specialist guidance section specifically aimed at small groups wanting to become charities.
The Charity Commission is now part of the site, which can make it difficult to search for the information you need. They advise you to:

  • always include 'charity commission' in your search terms, eg 'report serious incident charity commission'

  • enter your search term, then select 'Charity Commission' from the drop down list of 'Organisations' on the search results page

Some specific guidance you may find useful:

Equipment provided:
Voting equipment

Community Works runs the following projects for the voluntary sector in Brighton & Hove:

They have an electronic voting system which is available to hire. This consists of hand-held pads which can be used by people in a meeting to vote. The results are then displayed instantly on a laptop. They also have a wooden ballot box, which groups can borrow.

Useful online information on the role of the management committee, and other topics related to the community and voluntary sector.

A useful collection of simple information sheets on running groups, covering things like What Insurance do we need?, The committee's essential responsibilities, A Glossary of Committee and Meeting terms, Committee rifts and disputes, How well does your group run?, and a Good Practice Guide on Volunteering.

Website with a wide range of information and advice on setting up and running community groups, charities and social enterprises.

Have a large number of very useful, easy to read information sheets on a range of subjects, including campaigning, fundraising and publicity.

NCVO have a wide range of information on all aspects of running a community and voluntary group. They publish guidance on trustee liability and on insurance for volunteers and organisations, You can also ask questions about working in the community and voluntary sector. For example, how to recruit trustees, queries about employment legislation, or where to get a financial advisor.
NCVO's Workforce Project aims to share best practice on employment in the voluntary sector.

This site provides a range of sample policies, successful fundraising applications, employment contracts and other information. To view the documents you have to register, but there is no cost.

This is a website that tells you how to write in language that is easy to understand. It has info on:;
How to write plain English;
The A-Z of alternative words;
Guide to design and layout

Offer training, advice, and lots of practical resources on their website. Really good guides on consensus decision-making, developing your strategy, campaign and action skills, setting up groups, and running co-ops.