Information on funding sources

Other people who can help with Information on funding sources

0845 300 6200 / 0161 300 6200 / 01273710659 (textphone)

Information about arts council funding, lottery funding and lots of useful links to other art related things.
Plus useful information sheets on aspects of running an arts organisation, such as insurance, organising an event, setting up a business and working with communities.

They don't publish an email address. You have to complete the

Equipment provided:
Catering equipment

Provide a range of support services for community groups who want to run activities to do with growing or cooking food.

Have a useful guide on reducing food waste at community events.

Have information on setting up and running community cafes.

They have useful information about venues in Brighton & Hove that have kitchens that can be used for community events involving food and shared meals. Contact them directly to ask for details.

They also have information about places to hire or borrow catering equipment and about training courses for groups running food projects.

Community Base provides office space for local voluntary sector groups. To join the waiting list for office space, email
They also provide the following services for all local groups:

  • Volunteer Search, where local groups can advertise for volunteers and individuals can look for volunteering opportunities.
  • Community Job Search, where local groups can advertise jobs
  • A postal address service for £25 per year
  • Free access to Funds Online, the Directory of Social Change’s comprehensive guide to grant funding trusts in the United Kingdom. To access this, email
  • Equipment provided:
    Voting equipment

    Community Works runs the following projects for the voluntary sector in Brighton & Hove:

    They have an electronic voting system which is available to hire. This consists of hand-held pads which can be used by people in a meeting to vote. The results are then displayed instantly on a laptop. They also have a wooden ballot box, which groups can borrow.

    Directory of Social Change run a database called You can use it to search for trust funders based on geograpical area, type of activity, name of trust, type of grants etc.

    We have a subscription at the Resource Centre and groups in Sussex are welcome to use it here.

    Edge Fund maintain a list of other funders that fund community led work to overcome disadvantage and campaign against injustice.

    Useful guides, factsheets and advice about fundraising.

    This website has details of 4000+ funders, plus advice, information and news. It is free to subscribe for organisations with an income below £100,000 pa.
    They have a useful resource on steps to crowdfunding success

    Searchable website to help find UK grant funding. Mostly for registered charities or schools.

    Website where surplus essential goods from companies - toiletries, computers, clothing, furniture, bedding and books - rather than going to landfill, can be accessed by charities, service providers, community groups.

    Gives details of all funds run by government departments. You can request regular email updates that match your interests.

    An on-line search engine that will allow you to search government, lottery and trust funds after giving a few details of the type of work you are doing. West Sussex is the nearest local authority to Brighton and Hove which has an open4community site as yet.

    This website has a funding search facility and a funding news page, as well as information sheets on fundraising, applying for funding, writing business plans, and others. You need to register before you can access this information.