Information on producing financial and business plans

Other people who can help with Information on producing financial and business plans

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Information about arts council funding, lottery funding and lots of useful links to other art related things.
Plus useful information sheets on aspects of running an arts organisation, such as insurance, organising an event, setting up a business and working with communities.

They don't publish an email address. You have to complete the

Equipment provided:
Catering equipment

Provide a range of support services for community groups who want to run activities to do with growing or cooking food.

Have a useful guide on reducing food waste at community events.

Have information on setting up and running community cafes.

They have useful information about venues in Brighton & Hove that have kitchens that can be used for community events involving food and shared meals. Contact them directly to ask for details.

They also have information about places to hire or borrow catering equipment and about training courses for groups running food projects.

Website has a range of information for cooperatives including information on Cooperative Community Interest Companies, and a Code of Governance for Workers Co-ops. They have a document available called Simply Legal which covers various legal forms and organisational types for community enterprises. If you register on the site, you can also use their Select a Structure tool.

Brighton University's Community Development Partnership Programme builds partnerships between the university and local community organisations. They offer help to local groups with things like conducting research and project development.

They have worked with Brighton & Hove Community Works to develop a Monitoring Evaluation and Impact Partnership, which has delivered training and support for local groups on how to measure the impact of their work effectively without creating an unsustainable data burden. The MEI partnership website includes useful resources from the training sessions.

NCVO have a wide range of information on all aspects of running a community and voluntary group. They publish guidance on trustee liability and on insurance for volunteers and organisations, You can also ask questions about working in the community and voluntary sector. For example, how to recruit trustees, queries about employment legislation, or where to get a financial advisor.
NCVO's Workforce Project aims to share best practice on employment in the voluntary sector.

This site provides a range of sample policies, successful fundraising applications, employment contracts and other information. To view the documents you have to register, but there is no cost.

This website has a funding search facility and a funding news page, as well as information sheets on fundraising, applying for funding, writing business plans, and others. You need to register before you can access this information.