Meeting Owl set

Our Meeting Owl - combined speaker, camera and microphone for hybrid meetingsMeeting Owl sets are equipment for groups who wish to organise hybrid meetings or events – ones where some people are present together in a room and other participants are joining via Zoom or another videoconferencing platform.

  • Set 1 comes with a TV screen.
  • Set 2 comes with a projector and projector screen.

Please tell us which of these you’d like when booking.

See our information sheet on Hybrid meetings for more details on how to plan and run your hybrid meeting, and how you can use a Meeting Owl set to help you do this.

To use this kit, you will need access to WiFi (internet connection). You should check whether the venue has WiFi access & ensure you have the passwords you need. Alternatively, you can use a smart phone (use phone tethering) or a mobile WiFi dongle to connect to WiFi via a mobile network using 3, 4 or 5G. You will need to have data allowance on your phone or dongle, and good mobile phone signal in the room where your meeting is taking place.

If your group doesn’t have WiFi at the venue, or a smartphone to use as a mobile hotspot, we have a dongle you can hire as an additional item with the kit – please ask to book this separately. There is a £10 additional charge for this.

If your group doesn’t have a Zoom account, you can use the Resource Centre’s account to host the online side of your meeting – let us know if you’d like to do this when you book the equipment. We’ll need to know the exact time and date of your meeting. We will send you the meeting invitation link so that you can invite people in advance.


£21.75 for up to a week's hire (add £10 for use of dongle)
Dimensions for transport
(Set 1) TV carrier bag: 65cm W x 46cm H x 20cm D; Small box: 40cm x 22cm x 28cm; (Set 2) Carrier bag 48cm W x 35cm L x 35cm H ; screen 117cm
Dimensions in use
Owl: 28cm H; (Set 1) TV screen: 61cm W x 37cm H; (Set 2) Projection screen: 117cm W x 90cm H
We supply
  • Meeting Owl – combined camera, speaker and microphone
  • Large TV screen (Set 1) or Data Projector & table top projection screen (Set 2)
  • Laptop (additional laptops available for an additional charge)
  • HDMI lead
  • USB leads
  • Extension leads
  • Optional: dongle (mobile WiFi)
  • Optional: access to Zoom account
You need
  • Mains power supply
  • Reliable WiFi or mobile network service at your meeting venue
  • Table to sit the projector on
  • Table to sit the TV screen or projection screen on

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