PA 4 and 6 (Alto Spectrum with LED lights)

We have 8 portable PAs, suitable for meetings and small outdoor events. Use the table below to see which one will be best for your event.

Name of PA Power Bluetooth Radio mic Needs car transport Needs mains power supply Further details
PA1 50W No Yes Yes No PAs 1 booking page
PA3 20W No No No No PA 3 booking page
PA4 & PA6 200W Yes No Yes Yes On this page
PA5 8W No No No No PA 5 booking page
PAs 7 & 8 80W Yes Yes Yes No PAs 7 & 8 booking page
PA9 80W Yes Yes Yes No PA 9 booking page

PA 4 & 6: Alto Spectrum PA

  • Multi-speaker portable PA
  • 200W bi-amplified output (130W to the bass, 70W to the treble)
  • Built-in LED lights: adjustable modes and colours
  • Needs mains power supply
  • Extension reel and power breaker supplied
  • Two dynamic microphones with leads supplied
  • Bluetooth to connect external audio input (e.g. phone*see note below, computer)
  • Cable to connect external audio input (e.g. MP3 player, phone*see note below, computer, CD player)
  • You can hire PA4 and PA6 together to connect the two PAs together
  • Ask for PA 4 or PA6

* NOTE: Using smart mobile devices/phones with our PAs: please note that users have reported problems using our PAs with Apple devices such as iPhones, and we recommend testing our PAs with your device well before your event.


£12.00 for up to one week
Dimensions for transport
W: 23cm, D: 25cm, H: 77cm plus stand(s) and small drawstring bag
Dimensions in use
W: 23cm, D: 25cm, H:77cm plus stand
We supply
  • PA with cover
  • Power lead
  • 2 x dynamic microphones with leads
  • Audio lead to connect to external audio devices
  • Optional: PA stand
  • Optional: Boom microphone stand
You need
  • A car to transport it. A trolley is NOT suitable.
  • If you need to transport the PA without a car, you will need to hire PA3 or PA5

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