Test your strength fairground striker

The game consists of a tall, red board, marked with numbers, and a blue bell at the top. At the base of the board there is a red box, with a button to hit, which sends a small piece of metal up the board towards the bell. There is a rubber mallet included, for striking the button.Test your strength. Can you hit the target hard enough to ring the bell? A very popular fair stall suitable for under 14’s.

£16.00 for up to a week
Dimensions for transport
Base box: H 40cm, D 25cm, W62cm. Back board H 185cm, W50cm, D 13cm
Dimensions in use
H 185cm, W50cm, D62cm
We supply
  • Test your strength game
  • Mallet
  • Sandbags and stakes to secure the game
You need
  • Enough space to run the game
  • Prizes
  • A large car or van to transport it. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

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