Annual accounts system: update notes

Version 1.3 (for Mac and PC), January 2018

Bugs fixed in this version

Print funders button not working for Mac users

This has now been fixed.

Navigation buttons not working for Mac users

This has now been fixed.

Column widths not adjusting so that some figures show as ####

This has now been fixed.

Long income and expenditure headings causing the working rows to be invisible on small screens

This has been improved by enabling text wrapping in the headings row and restricting the height of that row.

Improvements and new features

Cash reconciliation section

You can now enter your cash balance at the start of the year and check periodically that the amount of cash in your tin matches the cash balance shown in your accounts. There are instructions for doing this included in the new version.

Information about Windows 8 compatibility, December 2014

Windows 8 does not support ActiveX controls. This means that the Accounts system for Windows will not work properly with Windows 8.

Until we can produce an update, we recommend using the Mac version if you have Windows 8.

Version 1.2.1 for Mac, July 2013

Bugs fixed in this version

Print buttons not working

This bug is only partly fixed. The Print funder and Print total buttons in version 1.2 for Mac do not work as intended. The Print funder button should show a form with a list of the funders to choose from. The Print total button should produce a preview of a report showing the total income and expenditure under each heading.

This update includes a fix for the Print total button, but not for the Print funder button.

We are also aware of a problem with the navigation buttons in the instruction pages of version 1.2 for Mac. We are working on these two issues and will release further updates as soon as we can.

Version 1.2.1 for Windows, January 2013

Bugs fixed in this version

Wrong total when no grants are being tracked

Version 1.2 had a bug which meant that the breakdown of grant funds held and general funds was wrongly calculated if there were no grant funders other than the general fund. This has now been fixed.

Version 1.2, December 2012

Bugs fixed in this version:

Order by date

In the previous version, the Order by Date button on the Cash income sheet had a bug which meant that it did not apply to items in the very last income heading column. This has now been fixed.

Improvements and new features

New edition for Apple Mac users

Version 1.2 is also available in a Mac-compatible edition. You need Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac.

Update: April 2013 We have heard that some users are experiencing a bug which means that the Generate button can only be used once. Attempting to use it for a second time causes the system to crash. We are looking into this and will fix it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Mac users should take care to back up their data before using the Generate button. If you have any problems using the system on a Mac, please contact us as this will help us find a solution.

Instructions on how to delete a row

The instructions have been improved to make it clear that the Order by Date button can be used to allow users to delete a row if it has been entered on the wrong sheet by mistake.

Version 1.1, September 2011

Bugs fixed in this version:

Zoom setting

In the previous version, the zoom setting was fixed to show all the columns in use, each time a page was opened. This was not flexible enough, and had an error which meant that on occasions it didn’t work properly.

In the new version, the instruction pages still show the full width each time they open, but the working pages zoom to the full width of the page only when they are first created. If this gives a magnification of more than 125%, the zoom is then adjusted to 100%, so that a reasonable amount of the working area can be seen.

After the first setup process, the zoom setting for all working pages can now be set by the user and will not change when moving from page to page.

Column width

In the previous version, some columns did not automatically widen to show the totals at the top. This has now been fixed.

Circular reference

In the previous version, there was an error which meant that if the user set up the system with no funders in addition to the General Fund, the Income and Expenditure page had one cell which contained a circular reference. This has now been fixed.

Print menu

In the previous version, the print menu sometimes appeared to show that a particular funder was selected, when this was not the case. It also had a bug which caused the system to crash when the print preview was cancelled. Both these problems have been fixed in the new version.

Improvements and new features

‘Save’ button

In response to user feedback, we have added a Save button on all the working pages

Improved instructions and headings

Minor revisions to the instructions and the heading of the Bank Expenditure sheet, to make things clearer and correct spelling errors.

Paler colours

For Excel 2003 users, the garish colours of the previous version have been toned down. You will only see this change after pressing the Generate button for the first time.

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