Raising Money

Raising money for your group can feel like an endless task. However, raising money is always more successful if you know what you are raising the money for, and have a clear idea of how much you need.

Plan your fundraising by making decisions in your group about what you actually want to do, and then work out how much these activities will cost. This will help you to decide how best to raise the money, and it will also mean that you don’t spend time trying to raise money that you don’t really need.

Favourite funders

We have compiled lists of funders that are useful for community groups in Brighton & Hove. Many also fund organisations in other areas.

Favourite funders for capital and equipment costs
Favourite funders for existing activities and running costs
Favourite funders for specific projects and new activities

Access to the Funds Online database of UK trusts is available for local groups via Community Base – just contact them to request the password to access the database on-line.

We don’t usually add very short term or one-off grant pots to our Favourite Funders. We post these in our Funding News section instead. Have a look there if you are looking for small bits of funding in Brighton and Hove.

Fundraising information and advice

Fundraising strategy
Fundraising events and ideas
Writing funding applications
Reporting to funders
Getting outside help with raising money
Useful research for fundraising

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