Looking after your group’s money

Making sure your group takes good care of its money is the responsibility of your whole committee, or, if you are a very small group, your whole group. All your members have a right to know what happens to the money.

This section contains information to help you understand your responsibilities and how to put simple systems in place to help things run smoothly. You can also scroll down to find a link to our free downloadable accounts systems.

  • Bank Accounts for community groups

    Most banks and building societies offer special accounts for small voluntary and community organisations and give free banking as long as your account is in credit.  This sheet provides advice about choosing a bank and information about how to open an account. It also includes a list of community bank accounts.

  • Charity reporting and accounts

    This guide summarises the requirement for charities to produce accounts, reports and returns each year.

  • Examination of accounts

    Getting your group’s accounts independently examined: what it means, why you might want to do it, and how to go about it.

  • Financial rules

    A set of basic rules to help your group be consistent in how you handle money and keep records

  • How much money do we have?

    This sheet is designed as a template for treasurers of groups to use – for example, to give finance reports at meetings.

  • Independent examinations of accounts at the Resource Centre

    The Resource Centre conducts free independent accounts examinations for some groups.

  • Managing money at an event

    Tips to help keep track of your group’s cash when you’re running an event or stall

  • Money in Mind Accounts System

    Under our Money in Mind project, we developed two accounts systems designed specifically for community and voluntary groups. You will need access to Microsoft Excel to use them.

  • The Treasurer's role

    A step-by-step guide on how to be the treasurer for a community group. Includes basic principles of managing money, keeping track of cash and bank accounts, and sharing information with the rest of your group.

  • Your group's money

    Information and tips to help your whole committee take responsibility for looking after your group’s money.

The services listed below are not provided by the Resource Centre. These are websites and services we feel are particularly useful for small groups in Brighton & Hove, and which are not easy to find by searching the internet.

Most useful services for local groups
Other services you might find useful