Edge Fund

Grants available for: unfunded grassroots communities, campaign groups and activists struggling for social, economic and environmental justice.
Size of grants given: Up to £1,000
Next deadline: Likely to be Autumn 2024

Aims of Fund

Edge Fund supports those taking action for a just, equitable and sustainable world. They fund work that challenges abuses of power and aims to bring an end to the systems that cause injustice.

Who can apply

Grassroots community groups in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England that find it difficult to get funding elsewhere, and whose work focuses on creating long term change in society, and reducing inequality and injustice.

All groups funded in the past have had an annual income of less than £25,000.

Work that addresses issues faced by a certain community should be led by that community.

Grants of up to £1,000 are also available for individuals who face barriers in taking action for social justice.

Edge Fund have published a list of grants given previously.

How much and what can you apply for

Up to £1,000.

How to apply

When a funding round is live, the application form will be available on their website.

There is more information on their website about how to apply, including a FAQ, information about their values, and their decision-making process.

If you need support preparing your application (e.g. because you have not written a funding application before, because English is not your first language, because you need the application form in a different format), contact them and they can provide support.

If your application is shortlisted, and is for more than £1,000, you will be invited to attend a decision making day, at which applicants will take part in deciding which groups will receive larger grants.

Deadlines for application

They run two funding rounds per year. Deadlines are often only announced once the fund has opened and you only have one month to apply.

The next funding round has not been announced yet.

If your application is successful you will receive your grant approximately 4 months after the deadline.

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