Video and telephone meeting tools

How to have a meeting when you can’t all be together

These are a few of the available tools for groups who need to find a way for several people to have a discussion together, without physically being in the same place. We have concentrated on tools that are free or included with other software you may already have. If you have information about other good tools to do this, please let us know and we will try to keep this updated.


Name of service Need to download an app? Need to sign in? Free? Screen sharing? Recording? Raise hand feature
Jitsi No1 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Whereby2 No No3 Yes Yes No4 No
Free Conference Call No5 No6 Yes Yes Yes No
Zoom Yes Yes Yes7 Yes Yes No
Skype No No Yes Yes8 Yes No
Facebook Messenger No1 Yes Yes No No No
Google Hangouts9 No Yes Yes No No No
Whatsapp2 Yes No Yes No No No
BOTIM Yes No Yes No No No
Teams No Yes No Yes Yes No

1To use Jitsi or Facebook on a phone, you do need to download the app
2Max 4 people per call on Whereby (free version) or Whatsapp
3The host needs to sign in, but participants don’t
4Recording is available in the Pro version for an extra $5 per month
5The host needs to download an app for video, but not for audio conference calls
6Host needs to sign in, participants need to supply an email
7Free version of Zoom limited to 40 minutes if over 3 participants
8Screen sharing in the Skype web version is only available in Chrome
9Max 10 people in a video call on Google Hangouts

General tips

To use most of these tools, everyone in the conversation needs to have a device with:

  • a microphone
  • (ideally) a camera
  • a working internet connection

That means a laptop, mobile phone (smartphone) or tablet. Some desktop computers have webcams and microphones, but most don’t.

The app you are using will need to be allowed to access your camera and microphone. A message will usually pop up to ask for permission for this.

If some of the people in your meeting are in the same place as each other, then they should all share the same device, to avoid problems of feedback caused by different microphones being too close to each other.



For a phone – download the Jitsi Meet app (Android and Apple versions available)

For a laptop – just an internet browser (Chrome is preferred, Firefox not fully supported)

How to set up a meeting

On a laptop: go to

On a phone: open the app

Type a name for your meeting in the box and click Go or Create/Join

Allow Jitsi to access your camera and microphone

On a laptop: A box will pop up, where you can choose to add a password for your meeting. This is optional.

Send the link (and password if using) to your meeting participants.

The meeting ‘space’ you have created is like a virtual room and people can walk in at any time by using the link. So you could set up a meeting space once and use it at the same time every week.

How to join a meeting

On a laptop: Click on the link you have been sent by the meeting organiser.

On a phone: open the app and type in the meeting name you have been sent in the box. If you’ve been sent a link, the meeting name is just the last part, after the / symbol. If it’s a meeting you’ve been to before, it should be there as an option to choose.

Useful tools when in a meeting

The first time you use Jitsi, you should add your name. This will be remembered for future meetings on the same device. On a laptop: open the chat window (an icon that looks like a speech bubble) and type in your nickname. On a phone: go to the menu and choose Settings. In the Profile section you can add your name.

You can ‘raise your hand’ to indicate to others that you want to speak. On a laptop this is a hand symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. On a phone, you need to click the three dots at the bottom of the screen to open a menu, then choose more options to find Raise your hand. When a person has raised their hand, everyone in the meeting can see a hand symbol in their window. When they speak, the hand disappears.

You can view the other people in Tile view. This puts each person in a small window of the same size. It is under More options on the app. On a laptop it is a symbol with four squares in the bottom right of the screen.

You can share your screen with others in the meeting. They will see what’s on your computer screen (or the particular app or window you choose to show them) instead of your face.

You can record a meeting. You need to sign in to a Dropbox account in order to start recording – the recording will be uploaded to a Jitsi Meet folder in your Dropbox. This service can become overwhelmed and therefore unavailable.
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On a computer: just a web browser (fully supported for Chrome or Firefox, partially supported for Safari and Microsoft Edge)

On a phone: there are iOS and Android apps, but you can also use it via the web browser

You need to create an account to become a meeting host, but not to join a meeting. Sign in with an email address – no password (they email you a code each time you sign in).


On the free version, maximum of 4 participants per meeting, only one meeting ‘room’ per account.

The Pro version allows up to 3 rooms and up to 12 participants, but costs $9.99 per month

How to set up a meeting

Create an account and choose a name for your meeting room.

You can choose to have the room locked (people need to be let in to the meeting) or unlocked (people can just arrive in the meeting room)

Send the meeting room link to the other people you want to invite to your meeting

How to join a meeting

Just click on the link you have been sent

Enter your name

Allow the app to access your camera and microphone, so you can be seen and heard in the meeting

Click the button to enter the room

Useful tools when in a meeting

You can share your screen

You can play a YouTube video to everyone in the meeting

Free Conference Call


The meeting organiser needs to create an account and sign in on the website

Participants in an audio conference call need a phone they can use to take part in the call

How to set up a meeting

Create an account on the website. You will be allocated a Dial in number, a 6 digit access code and a 4 digit host PIN (these will be emailed to you)

To host an audio conference call:

  1. Invite participants.
  2. At the time of your conference, call the dial-in number.
  3. Enter the access code (type the code, followed by #)
  4. Enter the host PIN to access phone keypad commands (type *, then the PIN, then #)

To host an online video meeting:

  • On the website, choose Host Online meeting.
  • This will cause a file to download to your computer. Save this file and open it. This is the desktop app.
  • Click Host to start your meeting. You can choose to use your phone for audio, or the microphone on your computer. Click the camera symbol to allow the app to access your camera.
  • Click Invite to send invitations to the meeting.

How to join a meeting

You can join a meeting by phone or by video link.

By phone: dial the number you have have been given by the meeting organiser

When prompted, enter the access code you have been given, followed by #

By video: go to the web link you have been given.

Enter your name and email address. Accept the terms and conditions (at the top) and click Join online meeting. No need to open an account or download an app.

Click the camera icon to allow people to see you.

Useful tools within a meeting

You can share your screen

The host can record a meeting
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Everybody needs to have a Zoom account and download an app.


Meetings with more than 3 participants are limited to 40 minutes, on the free plan. Upper limit of 100 participants.

How to start a meeting

Log in to your Zoom account and choose Schedule a meeting (if your meeting is going to be at a set time in the future) or Host a meeting (if you are starting a meeting immediately).

If you are scheduling a meeting in advance, fill in the details and click save. You can choose to let other people in to the meeting before you, or make them wait until you let them in yourself.

You can add the meeting to Google, Outlook and Yahoo calendars, or just copy and paste the meeting invitation and send this to your participants by email.

When you are ready to start the meeting, go to the meeting URL or open the Zoom app and enter the meeting ID.

How to join a meeting

Click on the link you have been sent in your invitation or calendar.

This will prompt you to download and launch the Zoom app if you don’t already have it, and to create a Zoom account if you don’t already have one.

The meeting will open in the Zoom app.

Useful tools when in a meeting

You can give reactions (clap or thumbs up)

You can share your screen.

You can record the meeting.

If you are the host, you can mute other people.



You can set up a free conference call from the web or from within the Skype app on your laptop/phone/tablet.

Other people can participate as guests, even if they don’t have Skype accounts.

How to set up a meeting

On the website: Click on Create a free meeting

In the app: Log in to Skype and click on Meet Now

This will generate a unique link for your meeting, which you can send to other people by email to invite them to the meeting

How to join a meeting

Click on the link. You may be prompted to open the link in an app (not clear whether this happens if you don’t already have the app installed).

Click Start call

Useful tools within the meeting

You can share your screen.

You can record the meeting.

You can send emojis.

You can take snapshots.
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Facebook Messenger


Everyone needs to have a Facebook Messenger account and be in a group chat together on Messenger. If anyone in your group doesn’t already have an account on Messenger, they will need to create a full Facebook account in order to use Messenger.

How to start a meeting

Start a video call within your group chat by clicking/tapping the video camera icon.

How to join a meeting

Answer the video call.

You will see everyone who is taking part in the call on your screen.
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Google Hangouts


Everyone needs a Google account (if you have a gmail address or a YouTube account, you already have a Google account)

There are apps for Apple and Android phones, or you can use it in a web browser (if you’re using Internet Explorer or Safari, you’ll need to install a plugin)

It works best if the group of people is already connected in Google Hangouts


Maximum 10 people in a video chat

How to set up a meeting

You can start a meeting at any time by clicking on the camera icon in Google Hangouts and giving permission for it to use your camera and microphone.

You can invite other people to join the meeting by entering their email addresses or by sending them a link.

How to join a meeting

Answer the video call when it comes up in your Google Hangouts window

Useful tools when in a meeting

You can share your screen

There is a chat function



Everyone needs Whatsapp on their phone


Maximum of 4 people on a video conference call

How to start a meeting

Start a video call to one person from within Whatsapp, then add up to two other people to the same chat

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Everyone has to download and install the app on their phone – available for Android and Apple phones

As part of the installation process, you are asked to enter and then verify your phone number.

If you already have the app on your phone, you can link it to a web or desktop version on your computer.

To connect with other people using BOTIM, they need to be in your phone’s contacts, and you need to allow BOTIM to access your contacts.

How to set up a meeting

The interface is very similar to Whatsapp

In the Chats section of the app, select Start a group chat.

Add the participants from the list of your contacts who are using BOTIM

You can then make a video call to the whole group

You can send text messages to the group to arrange the meeting in advance

How to join a meeting

Accept the video call to your group

Microsoft Teams


Your organisation needs to have an Office 365 subscription, and everyone needs to be logged in using their office 365 login.

There are desktop and mobile apps and a web-based version. It seems to work most smoothly in the app.

This is most suitable for larger organisations, who are already using Microsoft Office.

How to set up a meeting

You can create an event in Outlook calendar and make it a Teams meeting. Send the link to everyone and then people click on Join meeting. Everyone invited will get a reminder.

Or you can just create a new Chat in the Teams app and add people to it manually.

How to join a meeting

If you have been invited to a meeting, you will get a reminder from Outlook (as long as you are logged in)

Open the Teams app and log in when your meeting is due to start.

Useful tools when in a meeting

Teams can be used for text-based chat as well as video and audio calls.

You can share your screen with others in your meeting.

You can record your meeting.

There is a text chat option, which can run alongside your meeting
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Last updated: 31/3/20

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