Resource Centre policies and procedures

These are the Resource Centre’s own policies and procedures.

You might find them useful when writing your own sample policies, but bear in mind that your policies should be relevant to your own organisation.

This links open PDFs created from Word documents, to improve reader accessibility. Signed, scanned copies are available. Don’t forget to always review your policies at a meeting of your governing body, and ask a committee member, trustee or director to sign them. If these PDFs are inaccessible for you, please contact us and we will be happy to provide our policies in another format.

Resource Centre Capability Procedure

The purpose of the Capability Procedure is to ensure that staff achieve and maintain the level of work performance expected of them and to provide a fair mechanism for dealing with those employees who are unable to achieve a satisfactory performance.

Resource Centre Disciplinary Procedure

This procedure is designed to clarify the rights and responsibilities of B&H SWET Ltd, staff and trade unions in the event of disciplinary action.

Resource Centre Equalities Policy

This policy sets out the steps taken by the Resource Centre to prevent discrimination in the services it provides and in employment.

Resource Centre Equipment Hire Policy and Procedures

Safety policy and procedures that we use when hiring equipment to community and voluntary groups.

Resource Centre Financial Management Policy

This policy sets out the Resource Centre’s financial management processes and provision.

Resource Centre Financial Rules

The purpose of these rules is to ensure proper control of the Centre’s finances.

Resource Centre Grievance Procedure

This procedure is designed to clarify the rights and responsibilities of employer, staff and trade unions should an employee feel the need for a formal process to resolve a grievance.

Safeguarding Policy

Resource Centre policy on safeguarding children and adults.

Resource Centre Safety Policy

Resource Centre Health and Safety Policy, as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Resource Centre Safety Procedures

These procedures should be followed by staff at all times in order to ensure safe work methods and use of equipment and to maintain safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and users of the Centre.

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