Food and Drink

If you provide food and drink at an event you need to make sure you comply with simple regulations. In particular, you need to make sure you have done what is necessary to ensure food safety, and that you do not break the law regarding the sale of alcohol. Information about both of these is available on our Licensing and Regulations information page.

Click on the Links tab for useful contact details, including food hygiene training providers and Brighton & Hove City Council’s Health and Safety Licensing Team.

  • Licensing and regulations for events and fundraising activities

    Information for community groups in Brighton & Hove about licensing and regulations for events and fundraising activities.

  • Sample risk assessments

    We provide sample risk assessments for our Bouncy Castle, Smoothie Bike, Popcorn Machine and Candy Floss Machines. We suggest that you use these to give you ideas when carrying out your own risk assessment. Your risk assessment should be specific to your event and organisation.

These books are available at the Resource Centre, to borrow or to use in the Centre.

The services listed below are not provided by the Resource Centre. These are websites and services we feel are particularly useful for small groups in Brighton & Hove, and which are not easy to find by searching the internet.

Other services you might find useful

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