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  • Independent consultants have carried out a final evaluation of the Money in Mind project. They used case studies, interviews, surveys and statistical analysis to look into the effectiveness of the project, and its impact on the groups who used it. The report concluded that “without reservation, beneficiaries from a range of community groups felt that the support they had received from Money in Mind, whichever partner, had been valuable. They particularly appreciated the one-to-one support and often mentioned individuals’ names. Without question they felt that their group had benefited from being more accountable financially and many had also been successful in fund raising, and thereby making their group more sustainable.”
  • See our April 2014 update for the latest news from the Money in Mind project.  We have helped 305 groups since the start of the project.

Quarterly updates

Year 5 (October 2013 to September 2014)

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Publicity materials

General flyer (A5)
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Feedback and evaluation

Impact evaluation (user survey) 2010
Impact evaluation (user survey) 2011
Independent evaluation report, October 2012
Independent evaluation report, August 2014

The Money in Mind Project was launched in October 2009. It is funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The project exists to support small community and voluntary groups in Brighton & Hove with their financial management. Support is provided by a partnership of the Resource Centre and Impact Initiatives.

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