Sport England Small Grants

Grants available for: Not-for-profit organisations and statutory organisations, delivering sports projects for people aged over-14.
Size of grants available: £300 – £10,000
No deadlines.

Aims of Fund

To support the development and delivery of grassroots sporting opportunities in England.

Who can apply

Any constituted not-for-profit organisation.

How much and what can you apply for

You can apply for £300 to £10,000 for projects that:

  •  are focussed on sports recognised by Sport England.
  • cost less than £50,000 in total
  • will be completed within a year
  • have a start date of at least 8 weeks after submission of your completed application and supporting document
  • be for new activity and new costs.

Go to Sport England’s website for more information about what they fund.

Your project must also do at least one of the following:

  • Get inactive people to become more active
  • Develop more resilient sporting habits
  • Lead to more positive attitudes among young people
  • Develop more diverse volunteers
  • Improve progression and inclusion in talent development

Your application can include the costs of running a project such as venue hire, transport, volunteer expenses, and sessional workers. They will fund equipment, but not if it is to replace existing equipment. Your application cannot include your organisation’s general running costs (such as existing long-term staff costs).

How to apply

Complete the online form that you can save as you go along. Make sure you read the application guidance first, to improve your chances of writing a successful application.

Deadlines for application

There are no deadlines. You should get a decision within about 10 weeks.

Contact details

Sport England
3 Oakwood Drive
LE11 3QF 
0345 8508 508

Date & initials

4/10/17 RR

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