Town-wide training for Tenants’ & Residents’ Associations

From time to time the Resource Centre runs town-wide training workshops for people active in Brighton & Hove City Council Tenants’ & Residents’ Associations (TRAs).

This is part of our specific work with TRAs, funded by Brighton & Hove City Council.

Targeted training

Most of the work we do with TRAs is one-to-one, working directly with individual group members to help them build their skills and solve specific problems. By doing this work, we develop an awareness of the common issues faced by TRAs. We can then design workshop sessions, based on these issues.

At the workshops, TRA members can get together to develop skills and ideas and learn from each other, as well as from us. Because we develop training sessions in direct response to issues raised by TRA members, our sessions are very relevant to the real issues being faced by TRAs.

Recent town-wide training

In recent years we have developed and run town-wide training on two topics: Involving people in your Association (2015) and How to improve your chairing skills (2016).

Feedback from TRA members

We have received positive feedback on our town-wide training. 70% of attendees at our workshop on Chairing Skills found the session “Excellent”, and the remaining 30% found it “Good”. Everybody said the workshop had given them new ideas about how to chair meetings.

We received comments about why attendees found the session useful:

  • “No jargon, straight to the point”
  • “Discussing different situations with others and realising I’m not on my own”
  • “This meeting was good and an example of getting a meeting to run smoothly”
  • “Tips from others’ experience. How to apply skills in a broader way to other types of meetings”

Future town-wide training

We can develop training sessions based on topics that are important to TRAs. If you are active in your Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, and have an idea for a town-wide workshop, get in touch.

Published November 2016

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