Favourite Funders for existing activities and running costs

Our Favourite Funders are funders that are particularly useful for small community groups based in Brighton & Hove. Some of them also fund organisations in other areas.

Here is a list of funders that give grants for day-to-day running costs and ongoing existing activities.

We try to keep Favourite Funders information as up to date as possible. If you notice something is out of date or wrong, please let us know. If you have successfully applied for funding from an organisation that is not listed, and think it may be a useful funder for other Brighton & Hove groups, please let us know.

We also have a subscription to Trustfunding.org.uk. This is a database of UK trusts, with information about the kinds of things they fund and how to apply. If you are a Sussex based community group you are welcome to use it at the Resource Centre – just contact us to book a time to come in. (We will not charge you to use the database, but do charge a small amount for computer use).

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  • Allen Lane Foundation

    Grants available for: local groups with an annual income below £100,000. Will fund start up, core or project costs. Focus on projects that reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination and make a lasting difference.
    Size of grants given: £500 to £15,000 per year
    Deadlines: Trustees meet in February, June and October – e.g. applications received up before mid-August will be considered in the October meeting. Applications take 2-6 months to process.

  • Argus Appeal

    Grants available for: projects that will make a difference to local groups or individuals.
    Size of grants given: From a few hundred to several thousand. No limits
    Next deadline: Deadlines throughout the year. Phone for details.

  • Asda Community Life

    Grants available for: not for profit organisations
    Size of grants given: Generally between £50 and £250
    No deadlines.

  • Brighton & Hove Council: Environmental Sustainability Grants

    Grants available for: community and voluntary organisations or projects that improve the local environment.
    Size of grants given: Up to £2500
    Next deadline: TBA

  • Brighton & Hove Council: Grants to smaller organisations

    Grants available for: community and voluntary groups in Brighton & Hove
    Size of grants given: Up to £5000
    Next deadline: TBA

  • Brighton District Nursing Association Trust

    Grants available for: relief of sickness for persons in need in Brighton & Hove.
    Size of grants given: £1,000 to £10,000.
    Next deadline: June 2017

  • Chalk Cliffs Trust

    Grants available for: Charities, action groups and benevolent organisations in East Sussex
    Size of grants given: Mostly £3,000 – £5,000
    Next deadline: no deadlines

  • Dementia Action Alliance in Brighton and Hove

    Grants available for: Projects run by community groups which benefit people with dementia
    Size of grants given:  Up to £5,000
    No deadlines

  • Dorothy Hay-Bolton Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: Charities working with people who are deaf or blind, particularly children, young people and elderly people.
    Size of grants given: £250 – £3500
    Next deadline: No deadlines

  • East Brighton Trust Fund

    Grants available for: community groups in East Brighton.
    Size of grants given: Up to £500
    Next deadline: TBA

  • Edge Fund

    Grants available for: unfunded grassroots communities, campaign groups and activists struggling for social, economic and environmental justice.
    Size of grants given: Up to £3,000
    Next deadline: 17th April 2017

  • Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: Registered charities based in Sussex, working in fields of wildlife and conservation, support for disabled people, care for the elderly, general welfare, family planning and youth care.
    Size of grants given: Most under £10,000
    No deadlines.

  • Foyle Foundation Small Grants Scheme

    Grants available for: Small charities, for core costs, equipment or project costs.
    Size of grants given: £1,000 – 10,000
    No deadlines

  • Gregg Foundation: Local Community Projects Fund

    Grants available for: projects benefiting people who are disabled, older people, people living in poverty, carers and/or homeless people.
    Size of grants given: Up to £2,000
    Next deadline: 24th June 2017

  • Hart Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: small local groups/organisations which the trustees believe deserve a little extra support.
    Size of grants given: around £100 – £1000
    No deadlines

  • Hedgcock Bequest

    Grants available for: community and voluntary groups in Brighton & Hove
    Size of grants given: Up to £1000
    Next deadline: TBA

  • Henry Smith Charity: County Grants

    Grants available for: Revenue or capital costs for non-profit organisations in eight English counties, including East and West Sussex.
    Size of grants given: £500 to £10,000 in one year, or up to £20,000 over two or three years.
    Trustees meet four times a year, in March, June, September and December.

  • Hove and Portslade Aid in Sickness Association Community Grants scheme

    Grants available for: Small grants may be available for community groups working in Hove & Portslade with people who are ill or disabled
    Size of grants given: Up to £2K, most grants under £1K
    No deadlines – contact them to find out when their next decision making meeting is.

  • Ian Askew Charitable Trust

    Grants available for:  registered UK charities, with a preference for Sussex
    Size of grants given: Most grants under £500
    Next deadline: Decisions made every other month

  • JC Robinson Trust No 3

    Grants available for:organisations that promote welfare of the elderly or disadvantaged and encourage the training and community spirit of young people.
    Size of grants given: £30 to £500
    No deadlines

  • Lions Clubs

    Grants available for: local charitable causes
    Size of grants given: No set limits, grants generally £50-£1000
    Next deadline: No deadlines

  • Lush Charity Pot

    Grants available for: small, grassroots charities and campaign groups working in animal protection, the environment, and human rights.
    Size of grants given: Up to £10,000, most grants around £4,000
    No deadlines

  • Mrs A Lacy Tate Trust

    Grants available for: Charities is East Sussex, for general charitable purposes, including education for school children and relief of suffering of animals.
    Size of grant available: Most grants are for around £500
    No deadlines

  • Patcham Community Fund

    Grants available for: Groups working to improve quality of life for residents in the Patcham area, including Hollingdean and Withdean.
    Size of grants available: Up to £1000
    No deadlines

  • Pebble Trust

    Grants available for: Organisations in Brighton and Hove
    Size of grants given: Most grants are for £500-£5,000
    No deadlines

  • Sanctuary Housing Grand Ideas Fund

    Grants available for: projects that will make a positive difference to the lives of Sanctuary Housing residents and their communities.
    Size of grants given: Up to £1,000
    No deadlines. Fund will close on 31st March 2017.

  • Sussex Community Foundation

    Grants available for: Not for profit groups based in Sussex
    Size of grants available: £500-£5000
    Next deadline: 5th May 2017

  • Tesco Bags of Help

    Grants available for: Any non profit making group or organisation
    Size of grants given: £4,000, £2,000 or £1,000
    No deadlines

  • The Homity Trust

    Grants available for: small groups in Brighton
    Size of grants given: small amounts, up to £5,000 awarded per quarter in total
    Next deadline: 31st May 2017

  • The Southern Co-operative: Love your neighbourhood fund

    Grants available for: Charitable or not-for-profit groups who benefit local communities
    Size of grants given: £50 to £1,000
    Next deadline: n/a

  • Tudor Trust

    Grants available for: Small, under resourced organisations working to achieve lasting change in their communities.
    Size of grants available: No limit, grants range from £100-£150,000
    No deadlines

  • Waitrose Community Matters

    Grants available for: Welfare organisations, community groups, schools, local divisions of national charities, local charities.
    Size of grant available: £1000 shared between 3 organisations. Proportion decided by customers.
    No deadlines.

  • Yapp Charitable Trust

    Grants available for: Registered charities that have been constituted for at least 3 years, with annual expenditure of £40,000 or less.
    Size of grant available: Up to £3,000
    No deadlines

The services listed below are not provided by the Resource Centre. These are websites and services we feel are particularly useful for small groups in Brighton & Hove, and which are not easy to find by searching the internet.

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